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Shark Attacks HomepageShark Attacks Homepage - - Shark attack victims photo gallery, including attacks by region and great white shark attacks. There are also other shark attack related pages including Jaws and many other popular shark related subjects.

Great white
Great White

Shark tooth
Shark Tooth

Shark miscellaneous: Read information on great white sharks, read how they are a protected species and read about their amazing jaws and teeth. Pictures and links for kinds and adults alike.

Shark Miscellaneous

Great white shark
Great White Shark

White Shark Conservation Warning
The Great White Shark is now protected in South Africa, California, South Australia and Tasmania, and although this is only one of almost 400 species of shark, its protection is a step in the right direction. The Great White is a key stone species on this planet and its protection, subsequent media attention and high public profile allows us to use it as a battering ram to push for the protection of other shark species.

For more details refer to White Shark.

Shark jaws (Click to enlarge)
Shark Jaws

Shark Teeth
Sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet. Unlike most animals' jaws, both the sharks' upper and lower jaws move. A shark bites with its lower jaw first and then its upper. It tosses its head back and forth to tear loose a piece of meat which it swallows whole.

Great white (Click to enlarge)
Great White

Each type of shark has a different shaped tooth depending on their diet (the shark in the photo is a great white -- you can tell he's a carnivore just by looking at those sharp, pointy teeth!). A shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its lifetime!

Sharks never run out of teeth. If one is lost, another spins forward from the rows and rows of backup teeth. For more information go to Kid Zone.

Shark teeth (Click to enlarge)
Shark Teeth

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Jaws - Jaws by Peter Benchley, plot summary of this highly influencial literature. Includes other Jaws related links.

Jump the Shark - By Jon Hein Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly. With links to purchase.

Shark TattoosShark Tattoos - A Selection of shark tattoos pictured. These images show tattoos on their owners; for your enjoyment and to provide inspiration.

Shark VacuumShark Vacuum - Euro-ProŽ Super Shark Vacuum and Euro-Pro EP601S Bagless Stick Shark Vacuum Cleaner. Contains pictures and links to purchase.

Street SharksStreet Sharks - The Street Sharks are created when evil genius Dr. Paradigm injects four brothers with shark DNA. A three-part animated movie (DVD). Includes links to purchase.

Shark CartoonShark Cartoon - Several humorous shark cartoons from various artists. Several cartoons detail locations of further authors material.

Pool SharkPool Shark - Comprehensive review of a novel PC peripheral that simulates playing pool from your home. Includes detailed analysis of setup, software, documentation and an overall rating. Links to manufacturer are included for purchase.

San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks - At they have an excellent selection of all San Jose Sharks tickets. Includes links to purchase.

Loan SharkLoan Shark - Loan Shark, drama, directed by Jay Robert Jennings (directorial debut). Review with links to purchase.

Shark Recipe - Two Shark recipes; 'baby shark fry' and 'broiled spicy shark' all recipes include ingredients required and detailed preparation and cooking instructions. Links are included for further information.

Shark Cordless SweeperShark Cordless Sweeper - Cordless Shark Sweeper uses new direct deposit technology! More fearsome power than many full-size vacuums! Shark carpet sweeper will astound you. Likns to purchase included.

Shark Miscellaneous 2Shark Miscellaneous 2 - Shark Miscellaneous 2 offers you a variety of sharks with brief facts about each shark featured. Check out Camden river sharks, shark racing, shark, card shark, word shark and Paul and shark.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

White Shark - South African White Shark Research Institute, a sad story, warning, why shark research, conservation and education, shark miscellaneous.

Kid Zone. - Preschool, kindergarten, grade one ect.. Geography, language arts, shark activities, shark facts, shark pictures, shark miscellaneous.

National Geographic - Great white sharks, animal information, pictures, map, facts, videos, postcards, shark miscellaneous.

Interesting Shark Fact
When a great white shark is born, along with up to a dozen siblings, it immediately swims away from its mother. Baby sharks are on their own right from the start, and their mother may see them only as prey. At birth the baby shark is about 5 feet (1.5 meters) long already; as it grows it may reach a length three times that.

For more shark miscellaneous facts go to National Geographic.

Great white shark (Click to enlarge)
Great White Shark

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