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Shark Attacks in New Jersey. 1916 shark attack account, Shark attack at Matawan Creek, New Jersey.

The attacks of 1916 seem to have been done by a Great White. A young 9-12 foot shark. The description of a witness to the shark in the creek sounded like it was a Great White. Lester Stillwell was taken and killed but not the last to die. Stanley Fisher was his rescuer/finder and was attacked by the shark during the recovery of the body.

Fisher died at the hospital after a long period of time. The shark on the way out of the creek attacked a boy but he was pulled to safety and almost lost his leg both to the shark and amputation but ended up keeping it. A Great White was killed several days later in Raritan Bay which Matawan feeds into. It was beaten to death by and oar.

The shark was stuffed and mounted and long lines of people lined up to see it in the window of a local newspaper. The History Channel produced a Where is it now? The contents of the stomach were analyzed and matched some of the victims.

Two books cover this subject matter excellently. Close to Shore by Cappuzo(sp) and 12 Days of Terror. The shark could have been a Great White or it could have been 2 sharks the other being a Bull shark. It was 12 days that had 4 people killed and one maimed. Matawan Creek still exists but is nothing like what it formerly was. I believe it is much smaller than before and would scarcely resemble the one from 1916.


NY Daily News - 1st N.J. shark attack in 30 years.

Independant - Investigation of 1916 shark attacks continues.

Warning - Sharks may be present

Great White shark leaps

Great White shark bites at surface

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