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Shark AttacksShark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Watch 27 shark attacks whale, the whale is already dead and is towed away buy police when 27 sharks attack it and start a crazed feeding frenzy. Also read about how a killer whale killed a great white shark.

Shark Attacks Whale

27 Great White Sharks
The above featured video is one of the rarest of its kind to be caught on film. A 35 foot whale that died off the cost of South Africa was found washed up on a beach, the local police decided to tow the whale out to a near by island called Seal Island.

The whale had been dead for several days and was taken to offshore Seal Island, with in minutes there where already 15 sharks around the whale carcass. Shark after shark started to bite chunks of rotten flesh from the dead whale, the on looking researchers that had accompanied the police on this relocation of the dead whale could not believe what they where seeing.

The sharks seem to be taking 35-40 pounds of whale flesh in one single bite. With in 4 hours of the whale been relocated to Seal Island there where 27 sharks enjoying the deceased whale.

One researcher who entered a cage under water said to be shocked at seeing so many Great White Sharks lining up in one place to eat. Each shark is devouring 100's of pounds of flesh from the 12 tone carcass that was disappearing before the researches eyes.

Great white shark
Great White Shark

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

CNN - Clash of the titans, whale vs shark, shark attacks whale, posted on October 8, 1997, The first known videotape of a clash between a killer whale and a great white shark.

Up Link - 25 million years ago...whales ate sharks.

Experts - Wild animals, great white sharks and killer whales, shark attacks whale? Would a great white shark attack a killer whale and would it win?.

Killer whale (Click to enlarge)
Killer Whale

Killer Whale Vs Great White Shark
Shark attacks whale? No rather a killer whale attacks a shark.

An underwater battle captured on videotape proves that killer whales are the kings of the sea. This is the first known videotape of a clash between a killer whale and a great white shark, this footage has enthralled whale watchers all over the world.

Marine biologists had assumed that the ocean's two big predators tended to avoid each other. But the tape shows otherwise.

The video shows a killer whale fighting a great white shark. The killer whale was thought to be protecting her young. After killing the great white the mother let her baby feed on the dead shark.

Killer whale with baby (Click to enlarge)
Killer Whale with Baby

Shark attacks whale, the information provided for you on this site can be found by clicking the three links provided for you. There isn't really any documented information on the subject shark attacks whale, but if any one knows of any such information please Contact us.

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