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Shark AttacksShark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Shark attack in California, in the United States, one is 30 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark. Since 1952, there have been only 81 recorded shark attacks in California"

Shark Attack in California

While all 375 shark species eat meat, none has a personal agenda against humans. But occasionally sharks will mistake people for prey.

Great white shark (Click to enlarge)
Great White Shark

In the United States, one is 30 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark. Since 1952, there have been only 81 recorded shark attacks in California"

Shark map (Click to enlarge)
Shark Map

The above map shows you the locations of 18 shark attacks in California from 1980 to 1990. The Cal Academy offers you a brief look at the world of sharks, and shark attack in California.

Only occasionally are shark bites fatal to humans. According to the International Shark Attack File, an average of eight fatalities occur worldwide each year.

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Cal Academy - California Academy of Sciences, shark attack in California, "When Humans Attack! The Truth on Shark Encounters" academy research.

Extreme Sports - Surfing news, surfer survive shark attack in California, Monday October 11 2004, a surfer was bitten by a shark off the Northern California coast.

Igorilla - Swimmer killed by great white shark 15-18 feet in length, shark attack in California.

In October 2004 a surfer was bitten by a shark while he was surfing in Limantour Beach, Northern California, around 80 kilometers north of San Francisco. Local officials closed the beach surrounding the area in which the attack took place. The surfer who was unidentified was bitten on his leg.

The surfer told authorities the shark, which was between six and eight feet long, released his leg after he hit it on the head. The surfer paddled to shore on his own and miraculously survived the attack.

The shark was believed to be a great white shark (pictured to the right), sightings of great white sharks are common near Point Reyes in the fall, when seal lions, elephant seals and harbor seals visit the area. The last shark attack along the national seashore occurred in 1996.

Read the full shark attack article at Extreme Sports.

In 2003 a 50 year old college instructor who had been taking a morning swim bled to death after she was attacked by a great white shark 15 to 18 feet long.

The woman who was called Deborah Franzman was bitten when she swam 75 yards offshore alongside a group of seals. Witnesses reported seeing a large fin as Franzman screamed for help.

Bite marks on her legs were consistent with those seen in previous attacks by great white sharks, shark expert Robert Lea, present during the autopsy, estimated the fish was between 15 and 18 feet long.

Franzman's death marked the 10th fatal shark attack in California since 1952 and the first death since 1994, according to state Fish and Game records.

Great white sharks are a protected species in California.

Read the full article at Igorilla.

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