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Shark attack videos, watch how an octopus attacks and eats a shark. Spoof shark attack clips can be found by searching the links along with a possible shark attack on a woman.

Shark Attack Video

Camouflaged octopus (Click to enlarge)
Camouflaged Octopus

Octopus Eats Shark
The octopus eats shark video can be viewed on Google. The Video filmed at the Seattle aquarium shows how an octopus was moved from its old tank because it grew too big for it. The octopus now in a large tank with sharks was thought to be safe with its strength and camouflage to protect it.

Each week shark carcasses were found at the bottom of the tank, the way the sharks had died was a complete mystery to them. Week after week the 3-4 foot sharks where vanishing, so one night one of the keepers decided to stay up and see what was happening. That night they learned something about the octopus that they could never have imagined; the octopus was killing the sharks and eating them.

Octopus with prey (Click to enlarge)
Octopus with Prey

Shark Attacks HomepageShark Attacks Homepage - - Shark attack victims photo gallery, including attacks by region and great white shark attacks. There are also other shark attack related pages including Jaws and many other popular shark related subjects.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Giant Tarpon - Broad Band Shark Attack Video.

Shark Attacks - Gallery, videos and more.

Video Google - Octopus eats shark, shark attack video.

Daily Motion - Shark "possible" attack on a woman, do the dolphines spook the tiger shark and save the day? 18 Shark Attack Videos.

Shark "possible" attack on a Woman
In this clip you can see people swimming with dolphins in the sea. Then from no where a tiger sharks starts to head for one of the female swimmers, just before the shark reaches the swimmer it darts off quickly. There is no talking on the video and the captions that appear are in French. It seems that the shark was going to attack the unaware swimmer before been frightened off by the dolphins.

Video uploaded by arenobull

As you can see from the still taken from the clip the woman is swimming with the dolphins on the right of the picture. Right at the bottom of the picture you can see the tiger shark swimming up to the unaware swimmer. To view this shark attack video clip your self go to Daily Motion.

On this clip from Daily Motion see a shark breach the water and capture its prey.

Uploaded by true-bonobo

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