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Shark attack victims photo gallery, including attacks by region and great white shark attacks. Other shark attack related links including Jaws and many other popular shark realted subjects.

Shark Attacks in Perspective

Say the word "shark" and the first image most people conjure up is a Jaws-inspired white shark devouring unsuspecting bathers while well-meaning authorities and scientists helplessly stand by. Shark attack is probably the most feared natural danger to man, surpassing even hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes in the minds of most beach users and sailors. Among the earth's large animals implicated in the attack and consumption of humans, only sharks have not been "controlled" by man.

"Falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year, 15 times the number of fatalities attributable to sharks," said George Burgess, Director of the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File and a noted shark researcher.

Be sure to check out the extensive range of shark-related links (in the right hand column).


CNN - Man killed in N.C.

CNN - 14-year-old girl killed offshore in the Florida Panhandle.

Shark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Great White Shark Attack - Great White shark attack photo gallery of an attack in Aldinga Beach Australia (1963). Victim required 462 stiches.

Shark Attack Statistics - Maps detailing shark attack statistics grouped by region. 1876-2002 World's Confirmed Unprovoked attacks by White Sharks

Shark Cordless Sweeper - Cordless Shark Sweeper uses new direct deposit technology! More fearsome power than many full-size vacuums! Shark carpet sweeper will astound you. Likns to purchase included.

Shark Cartilage - Shark cartilage. A treatment for cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, and a number of other medical conditions. Detailed information provided with links to the National Cancer Institute.

Shark Vacuum - Euro-ProŽ Super Shark Vacuum and Euro-Pro EP601S Bagless Stick Shark Vacuum Cleaner. Contains pictures and links to purchase.

Street Sharks - The Street Sharks are created when evil genius Dr. Paradigm injects four brothers with shark DNA. A three-part animated movie (DVD). Includes links to purchase.

San Jose Sharks - At they have an excellent selection of all San Jose Sharks tickets. Includes links to purchase.

Jump the Shark - By Jon Hein Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly. With links to purchase.

Jaws - Jaws by Peter Benchley, plot summary of this highly influencial literature. Includes other Jaws related links.

Everything else shark related, from cooking recipes to baseball teams and cartoons to tattoos

Camden River Sharks - The Camden Riversharks, America's newest baseball team of the independent Atlantic League, calls Campbell's Field its home turf. Download the Riversharks scorecard, or visit the homepage.

Card Shark - Card sharks use strategies, tricks and refined skills. Some of the cheating strategies are exposed at CARDSHARK online. Secure shuffling, cutting and dealing procedures, with links to Cardsharks online.

Pool Shark - Comprehensive review of a novel PC peripheral that simulates playing pool from your home. Includes detailed analysis of setup, software, documentation and an overall rating. Links to manufacturer are included for purchase.

Pet Sharks - When pet sharks get too large for their tank, they start declining physically. This story concerns a white-tip reeef shark that gets too big for the owners tank. Although the shark never ate any of the creatures it grew up with.

Paul and Shark - Paul & Shark is a sportswear trademark founded in 1921 in the medieval hamlet of Masnago, Varese in the countryside of Milan. Includes pictures and links to company homepage.

Shark Tattoos - A Selection of shark tattoos pictured. These images show tattoos on their owners; for your enjoyment and to provide inspiration.

Shark Cartoon - Several humorous shark cartoons from various artists. Several cartoons detail locations of further authors material.

Shark Teeth - Selection of over 12 shark teeth with illustrations. Spanning several different species of shark. Covering shark families Carcharoles, Lamnidae, Odontaspidae, Hemigaleidae and Carcharhindae.

Shark Recipe - Two Shark recipes; 'baby shark fry' and 'broiled spicy shark' all recipes include ingredients required and detailed preparation and cooking instructions. Links are included for further information.

Shark Wallpaper - Shark Wallpaper examples, with many links to download your won shark themed wallpaper images.

Shark Racing - Team SR (Shark Racing) was started in March of 2001 to join together the growing number of Hyundai Performance Enthusiasts worldwide. Includes links to Shark Racing homepage.

Shark Diving - Shark Diving guide covering such questions as; what is shark diving?, is shark diving safe?, do i need qualifications?, what if i am not certified, do the sharks ever attack the cage? and is cage diving always possible? Pictures and links for further information included.

Shark Fishing - Details overall shark fishing philosophy, which bait to use and techniques for releasing sharks back into the sea. Includes pictures and several links for further information.

Word Shark - Move over Mavis Beacon, it's the typing tutor with teeth! Zap sharks and piranhas as you dive into learning in search of typing treasure! Watch out for piranhas and other surprises. Inlcludes links to download.

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