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Shark AttacksShark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Two featured shark attack stories brought to you with pictures and links. Browse the featured links that directing you to in depth articles relating to shark attacks all over the world.

Shark Attack Stories

Unprovoked shark attacks (Click to enlarge)
Unprovoked Shark Attacks

The picture above represents the confirmed unprovoked shark attacks through out the world from 1580 - 2005.

14 Year Old Attacked By Shark off Georgetown Beach
A bull shark was said to be the culprit of a Georgetown beach shark attack. The girl was rushed to the hospital after being bitten by a shark. The shark was said to have bitten her foot while swimming off the beach.

The girl claims she remembers seeing several sharks in a school swimming around her and that is when she was bitten on the foot

"When I first got bit, it didn't hurt because it hadn't really clicked yet, didn't seem real. Then when I looked back at my foot, all the blood in the water, I started screaming and I freaked out. Then I blacked out and the next thing I remember was being on the sand."

The bite was not as severe as she had though, but she still required 70 stitches to close the wound. She was extremely lucky the surrounding sharks did not jump in on the bloody watered action.

Read this article and more at Sword Fishing Central.

Bull shark (Click to enlarge)
Bull Shark

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Florida Museum of Natural History - International shark attack file, shark attack stories, about the ISAF, stats, trends, analysis, relative risk, reducing risk.

Sword Fishing Central - Recent shark attack stories 2006, news, forums, galleries, charters, videos, articles, boat reviews and more.

Point Reyes Light - Shark attack stories, shark attacks surfer off Stinson Beach 2002, the attack is the second in Stinson Beach since 1998 and the 13th in Marin county since 1952.

CBS News - Shark hunted after deadly attack, shark attack stories, Being killed and then eaten by a shark is not common at all. Most shark attacks relate to a single bite.

Shark Hunted After Deadly Attack
The second of our featured shark attack stories is from 2004, when a teenage boy was attacked after he fell from his surf board while it was being towed behind a motor boat at West Beach, close to Adelaide, Australia. His friends pounded the shark with oars in an attempt to make it release Peterson.

The shark ripped the young teenager apart, "Apparently it tore him in half," two 16-year-old boys who witnessed the attack were receiving medical treatment for shock.

Great white shark (Click to enlarge)
Great White Shark

It is believed that a 16 foot great white shark was responsible for the savage attack on the 18 year old Nick Peterson. Earlier, authorities had thought there may have been two sharks involved.

Check out CBS News for a more detailed account of this story.

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