Hilton Head Shark Attack
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Shark Attacks 2Shark Attacks 2 - Sharks strike terror into the hearts of people around the world like no other creatures. Their fearsome appearance and large size make them seem like something straight out of a nightmare.

Dallas Jackson and a 7 year old girl both became victims from Hilton Head shark attacks. Read a brief account of both accounts right here on this page with external links and pictures.

Hilton Head Shark Attack

Dallas jackson
Dallas Jackson

Dallas Jackson
A man from Ohio has claimed he was bitten by a shark while swimming off Hilton Head Island. Dallas Jackson says he was satnding in waist deep water when he felt a tug on his leg as something brushed past him.

The authorities could not confirm if the bite was from a shark or not. Dallas Says once he made it out of the water, he saw blood and a piece of skin hanging from his leg. In hospital Dallas received about a dozen stitches.

If the bite is confirmed, it will be the fourth recorded shark attack in South Carolina this year and the second on Hilton Head Island. None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. On average, three shark attacks are reported each year in South Carolina.

Stitched bite
Stitched Bite

For more information on Dallas Jackson's attack go to WLTX.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

WLTX - Hilton Head shark attack, man says he was bitten by a shark near Hilton Head, top stories and more. www.wltx.com

Fox News - Shark bites 7 year old Missouri girl, US news, Hilton Head shark attack, the girl suffered puncture wounds to her foot and buttocks. www.foxnews.com

Shark Attack File - Global shark attack file, this site gives you a incident log of all shark attacks, Hilton Head shark attack. www.sharkattackfile.com

Sword Fishing Central - Hilton Head Island has had its share of shark attacks., Hilton Head shark attack SC. www.swordfishingcentral.com

Bite mark
Bite Mark

7 Year Old Girl
A 7 year old girl was bitten by a shark while playing in 2 feet of water off Hilton Head Island in June 2006. The girl was bitten on her foot and buttocks, thankfully the injuries where not life threatening. The authorities first thought the girl was stung by a sting ray. The doctors who treated the girl found a shark tooth embedded in her foot.

An average of three shark bites are reported on South Carolina beaches each year, said Charles Farmer, a 38-year veteran of the DNR who wrote a book about sharks. The last fatal shark attack off the island occurred in 1883, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Fox News has more information regarding this attack.

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