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Shark Attacks HomepageShark Attacks Homepage - - Shark attack victims photo gallery, including attacks by region and great white shark attacks. There are also other shark attack related pages including Jaws and many other popular shark related subjects.

Some of these gory shark attack photos are pretty gruesome and may put you off your dinner if you're eating at this present time. You may not want to visit this page if you have a weak stomach!

Gory Shark Attack Photos

Badly cut arm
Badly Cut Arm

Slit to stomach
Slit to Stomach

Skin graph to leg bite
Skin Graph: Leg Bite

Several arm cuts
Several Arm Cuts

Shredded arm
Shredded Arm

Massive side bite
Massive Side Bite

Complete mess
Complete Mess

Severed leg
Severed Leg


Shark Attacks - Victim stories, photo gallery of Bull, Tiger Attack on Divers & swimmers. www.sharkattacks.com

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - On the flip side of these pictures, shark finning is becoming a serious problem and we support the work this site/company does. Every year humans slaughter over 100 million sharks yet we depict them as vicious and blood-thirsty killers. www.seashepherd.org

Body and head (Click to enlarge)
Badly Damaged

Foot and leg bone (Click to enlarge)
Foot and Leg Bone

Torn off arms (Click to enlarge)
Torn Off Arms

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