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Shark AttacksShark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Jessie Arbogast and Sara Whiley are both victims of bull shark attacks. Jessie had his arm reattached at the age of 8 and tragically Sara losing here life at the age of 21.

Bull Shark Attack

Bull shark (Click to enlarge)
Bull Shark

Jessie Arbogast
Like many kids on a summers day Jessie Arbogast was having fun with his family on Pensacola beach, Florida. But soon his fun would be come a nightmare, while playing in the sea little more than 15ft from shore, Jessie was attacked by a bull shark.

The shark took an exploratory bite of his arm and a chunk of his thigh, screams of "He's got me!" followed by "Get him off! Get him off me!" could be heard and alerting family and friends of the danger at hand.

Jessie's uncle Vance Flosenzier turned toward the screaming children and saw blood colouring the ocean. He and another man sprinted into the surf and found the 7.4-ft., 200-lb. shark about to roll away, its jaw on Jessie's arm. Vance, who trains for triathlons, grabbed the shark by its sandpapery tail and tried to pull, but it would not budge. He yanked again, and Jessie fell away, his arm ripping, as the shark clamped down. Aware that two girls were still farther out in the water, Vance walked backward, pulling the shark along the sandy bottom of the shallow sea toward shore.

Jesse arbogast
Jesse Arbogast

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Shark Survivor - Attacked by a bull shark, shark woman Dawn Schauman's story has been the subject of magazine feature articles, included in a PBS segment. www.sharksurvivor.com

The Age - Death in the shallows, bull shark attack, A young woman swims into waters known by locals for their deadly predators and is mauled to death. www.theage.com.au

The shark was killed to remove the boy's arm from its mouth where it was rapped up and put on ice and sent to the hospital where Jessie was taken. Doctor's reattached the boy's arm and after 12 hours in surgery, they wheeled him into the recovery room. They could only wait and see if he would survive.

Jessie did recover from the bull shark attack and is steadily making progress to regain a normal life. The shark attack took place in 2002, for more information about the attack refer to TIME.

Sarah whiley
Sarah Whiley

Sarah Whiley
On the 7th of January, 2006, a 21 year old woman was mauled and killed in a bull shark attack. The young woman known as Sarah Whiley from Queensland, Au, was swimming with friends when the attack took place.

The theory is that Sara was attacked by three bull sharks, in water not even up to her neck:- on the 2nd shark attack anyway, the first attack was in water deeper than her neck.

To read more in depth about this bull shark attack refer to The Age. Also information is also at The Independent.

Bull shark (Click to enlarge)
Bull Shark

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