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Warning - Sharks may be present

Sandtiger shark (Click to enlarge)
Sandtiger Shark

The docile Sandtiger Sharks were once thought to be responsible for many attacks and were systematically wiped out by divers with power heads.

Black tip reef shark (Click to enlarge)
Black Tip Reef Shark

Shark attack victims photo gallery, including attacks by region and great white shark attacks. There are also other shark attack related pages including Jaws and many other popular shark related subjects.

Shark Attacks

Warning: the gory shark attack photos page isn't for everyone. If you're under age or have a weak stomach we suggest you don't look at it

Please note that although there are shark attacks and our site is primarily based on this, there is more than likely a lot less shark attacks around the world than you might think. We have some shark attack statistics which will point this out.

To just quickly state how common shark attacks are (or should I say aren't), there is only 6 deaths worldwide per year average, compared to 150 people dying from coconuts. This information was obtained from where more interesting comparisons can be found.

Mako shark (Click to enlarge)
Mako Shark

The shark pictured above and below is a Mako shark attacking a dead fish on a fishing line.

Shark attack picture (Click to enlarge)
Shark Attack Picture

The below Lemon shark is attacking some kind of meat again hung on a fishing line to entice the shark to attack.

Lemon shark (Click to enlarge)
Lemon Shark

Shark Attack Kills Surfer In Brazil
Humberto Pessoa Batista, a 27 year old man, was attacked by a by a large shark about 1300 miles northeast of Sao Paulo, in June 2006.

Witnesses say that from the looks of the scene that a great white shark was the culprit in this shark attack that is about the 18th in this same area. There have been numerous surfers in the area just off the beach when the shark attack occurred. Local residents say that the sharks come into the reef to feed daily.

For more shark attacks photos and shark attack stories check out Sword Fishing Central.

Shark in roof of a house (Click to enlarge)
Shark in roof of a house

Cool roof huh? This Shark became the most famous resident of Headington when it landed in the roof of 2 New High Street on 9 August 1986! As of March 2008 it is still encased in scaffolding, and this is unlikely to be removed until the spring of 2008.

It looks pretty cool, but I wonder if it'd get ripped off of the roof in strong winds? If so, that could cause some serious damage!

Treasue reef screenshot
Treasure Reef, Avoid Shark Attacks! - Between the rocks, rip tides, stingrays, and sharks there isn't a lot of leeway for wrong moves. Correction: make that no leeway at all. Drive your watercraft on the map looking for likely spots to dive. When you find one the game will switch to a diving view. Dive down looking for pearls.

Gory Shark Attack PhotosGory Shark Attack Photos - Some of these gory shark attack photos are pretty gruesome and may put you off your dinner if you're eating at this present time. You may not want to visit this page if you have a weak stomach!

Shark Attack StatisticsShark Attack Statistics - Maps detailing shark attack statistics grouped by region, also a list of facts of just how many shark attacks there are each year and other interesting stats.

Shark Attack PhotosShark Attack Photos - Browse shark attack photos here with brief descriptions and external links to more photos and information. See a half eaten sea turtle or a fake picture of a shark attack on U.S. air force diver.

Shark AttacksShark Attacks - Shark attacks grouped by region and safety advice concerning shark attacks and statistics and maps of shark attacks.

Shark FishingShark Fishing - Details overall shark fishing philosophy, which bait to use and techniques for releasing sharks back into the sea. Includes pictures and several links for further information.

Shark TeethShark Teeth - Selection of over 12 shark teeth with illustrations. Spanning several different species of shark. Covering shark families Carcharoles, Lamnidae, Odontaspidae, Hemigaleidae and Carcharhindae.

Shark Attack VideoShark Attack Video - Shark attack videos, watch how an octopus attacks and eats a shark. Spoof shark attack clips can be found by searching the links along with a possible shark attack on a woman.

Great White Shark AttacksGreat White Shark Attacks - Great White shark attack; of an attack in Aldinga Beach Australia (1963). Victim required 462 stiches.

Shark Attack VictimsShark Attack Victims - Sharks Attacks in Florida, USA, detailing suspected Shark and other attack details. Includes accompanying photo gallery of each victims injuries.

Pet SharksPet Sharks - When pet sharks get too large for their tank, they start declining physically. This story concerns a white-tip reeef shark that gets too big for the owners tank. Although the shark never ate any of the creatures it grew up with.

Shark CartilageShark Cartilage - Shark cartilage. A treatment for cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, and a number of other medical conditions. Detailed information provided with links to the National Cancer Institute.

Shark WallpaperShark Wallpaper - Shark Wallpaper examples, with links to sites of where you can get some great shark themed wallpapers.

Shark DivingShark Diving - Shark Diving guide covering such questions as; what is shark diving?, is shark diving safe?, do i need qualifications?, what if i am not certified, do the sharks ever attack the cage? and is cage diving always possible? Pictures and links for further information included.

Shark MiscellaneousShark Miscellaneous - Shark miscellaneous: Read information on great white sharks, read how they are a protected species and read about their amazing jaws and teeth. Pictures and links for kinds and adults alike.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Sword Fishing Central - Shark attack photos, recent shark attacks 2006, news and stories, fishing forums, shark diving, hammerhead shark, bull shark, whale shark.

Global Shark Attack File - Global shark attack file is a site that keeps you informed of all the reported shark attacks during the year.

About - Shark Attack - How, why, when, and where sharks attack.

Elasmodiver - Shark attacks, identifying the perpetrators, hunger, curiosity, or mistaken identity?.

http:/NPCA - Avoiding shark attack, Sharks are unpredictable, and any time you are in waist-deep ocean waters.

Why do Attacks Occur?
Attacks occur in many different ways. The majority of White shark attacks do not result in the death of the victim leaving researchers wondering why. Obviously a large Great white shark would have no trouble dispatching a human if that was its intent, but, in many cases the shark bites the victim once and then leaves. There are many theories as to why White sharks do this.

One theory is that the shark is simply using its sensitive taste, touch, and smell to attempt to identify the object in front of it. Unfortunately for the victim, this 'mouthing' can result in catastrophic injury.

Tigershark (Click to enlarge)

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